What is Every Door Direct Mail EDDM?

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What is Every Door Direct Mail? 

Is EDDM Right For My Business?
Quick 101 – U.S. Post Office Every Door Direct.

Every Door Direct is a great direct mail tool for smaller advertisers to target their message geographically to  potential customers with more impact, easier use and lower prices.  Here are some of the benefits.

  • Low Postage Costs

    Mail a large 6.25″ x 9″ Every Door Direct Postcard  for low priced 17.5 cents postage per home.  Larger postcards like 8.5″ x 11″ and folded brochures are also 17.5 cents per home.  And postage is your most expensive part.

  • Postcards and Brochures Delivered By Mail Fast

    You can decide to mail EDDM to a zip code or postal route and often be in your prospects homes in just one or two days.  Just take your paperwork (PS Form 3587 and Facing sheet) and bundled Every Door Direct postcards, flyers or brochures to the post office, pay the postage and you are done. To download forms check out the Every Door Direct Mail page here on our web site

  • Add Impact To Your Direct Mail

    Larger postcards, flyers and brochures have more impact on consumers and with EDDM the postage is the same.  Bulk mail often takes a week longer to arrive in the mail and may cost twice as much for postage than Every Door Direct Mail. There are size and paper thickness minimums, the smallest size allowed is 4.25″ x 11″ and three of the most popular size options are postcards (6.5″ x 9″), oversized postcards (8.5″ x 11″), and tri-folds (4.25″ x 14″).

  • No Mailing List Required!

    No need to purchase a mailing list or print any names and addresses, the mailman will know you want to go to every home in your target area.  Simply add the EDDM indicia and the words “Local Retail Postal Customer” on your address bar and the Post Office will deliver to your selected routes.

  • No Postage Permit Required!

    No need to spend hundreds of dollars every year for a USPS postal permit with EDDM. So no commitment to try the direct mail program.

  • Target Your Audience To Zip Code Or A Portion Of Zip Code.

    We can print, prepare the mail, ship the cards to you, and you simply drop off the mail at your local post office. You control the drop and save on the lowest postage rate.

Need further explanation or have questions to decide if Every Door Direct Mail is right for you.  Call Cloud 8 Printing 614-273-0845 or click the contact button and we will be happy to offer you a free consult on design, printing or mailing of EDDM.  We are happy to be of help, whether you want us to handle everything or you want to handle some of the details yourself.

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