7 Rules Printing And Design To Market Your Brand

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7 Rules Of Printing and Design To Market Your Brand

  1. Don’t compromise on Business Printing and Design To Market Your Brand with amateur programs like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher. Sometimes saving money comes at a big price; don’t pay it.
  2. Don’t try to save money by having your brother-in-law do your Graphic Design for you unless he is truly proficient.
  3. Don’t use low resolution photos like web images (GIF or PNG files) on printed pieces; they will make your business Printing and Design look “schlocky”. They may look great on the web, but they won’t look good in print.
  4. Don’t print your brochures on a home printer or copy machine. (Do you really need an explanation here).
  5. Don’t print on cheap paper. Print brochures on premium 100# Text or 14 Point for Postcards; it’s not much more expensive.
  6. Don’t forget to proof your brochure at least three times. It should also be looked at by at least two people.
  7. If you yourself don’t know what you are doing on Printing and Design; don’t do it. Get help.

In other words, don’t rush the process at the last minute and for God’s sake don’t skimp. This is your business, your livelihood use Business Printing To Market Your Brand.  And skimping isn’t the same as  saving. Being efficient is saving. Look for affordable graphic design, but make sure it is done at a professional level.  A bargain means you get quality, not just a cheap price.
Shop around for good pricing on quality printing and affordable professional graphic design. Or better yet, find yourself a company who will offer you a good deal on a package of professional design and top quality printing on prime paper stock.

I’m not telling you anything you probably don’t already know. But some of life’s most important lessons need restating now and again. Unfortunately common sense is uncommon, especially on printing and design.
In tough economic times, people ignore the common sense lessons it took them a lifetime to acquire. If your business deals with the public you probably complain about the same thing when your clients try to cut corners to save a few bucks.

Understand the difference between affordable brochure printing and cheap brochure printing. Affordable brochure printing and design means that the final product is a brochure, flyer or tri-fold you are proud to have represent your company, product or service.

For more information on affordable business printing and graphic design; please call Cloud 8 Printing at (614) 273-0845. Like us on Facebook for great discounts.
Bruce Binenfeld is the Owner of Cloud Marketing and Printing Columbus, OH

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